I hope you would be familiar about the great poet during the reign of krishnadevaraya. Yes, he is none other than Thenali Raman who was also known as VIKATAKAVI. Do you know the speciality of this title? We can pronounce the same even if it is read from left to right (VI-KA-TA-KA-VI)!

Once a businessman was travelling on his cart, but he met with an accident and fell into a small stream of water. His horse died while struggling to pull the heavy cart out of the water stream.


The businessman was helpless with the dead horse and the stuck cart. He ran to a nearby house for help and fortunately met Thenali Raman there. The businessman explained his situation and cried for help. Thenali Raman asked the businessman to calm down and said he will help him move the cart. Raman thought for a while and said Shankara will be able to rescue the cart. The businessman was curious about who Shankara was. Thenali Raman showed his old horse named Shankara, but the businessman was not sure if Shankara could pull the cart out of water as the horse was very old.


However, Thenali Raman was very confident about his horse. Shankara was tied to the cart by Raman, the businessman was anxious! Raman suddenly started shouting pull Naga! Pull Soma! Pull Srinivasa! Pull Rama! Pull Shankara!

The businessman was confused with Raman’s act, but surprisingly Shankara had pulled the heavy cart out of the water stream. The businessman was very happy, he thanked Raman, kissed Shankara and curiously asked Raman that why did he shout so many names? Raman replied saying Shankara is old and blind as well, as long as he feels part of the team, he doesn’t mind pulling.

Confidence kills fear, will power is the source of strength


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