I was dreaming to get first Rank in my school and always felt bad that I was not able to get it, I was nowhere even close to first rank, and I was disgusted. My dad always wanted me to score a distinction, 85% and above, but I was always stuck at 80% to 83% and could never cross that. So, even my dad was unhappy.

In my 9th standard there was a science exhibition organized at my school, I was a part of the team which built a hydraulic power plant demo model and I took up the responsibility to explain the model to the audiences. I was very good at explaining things. My explanation was a blend of interest, passion and happiness. One of the audiences said, “You explained it very well, you must be the topper of the class! Correct?” I just gave a smile and started with the next audience. I was very happy; an unknown happiness was struck in my mind. I have a feeling that I found out something!

I could analyse and know the reason for my happiness; I found out that you need not be a topper only by securing first rank. You can be a topper in your attitude, you can be a topper in your behavior, you can be a topper in so many other things that you love to do and getting a first rank is only one of the ways to be a topper.

Enjoy your life and be a topper in whatever you love to do :)


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