Adapting to Adversity-1

I got into a bus , got a window seat and felt I would have a great journey with music and sceneries outside window, I plugged my ear phones in and started with a tune of  Yanni . But,  I suddenly heard a song in the bus, that was live and i could see that a visually challenged person is singing with a small musical instrument in his hand. I pulled out my headset and watched him sing. He had an expression of enjoyment on his face, he seemed engrossed into his song and his hand was busy collecting coins. He was not scared that the bus would move, the conductor was signalling the driver to move on, but the song did not have any pauses or breaks or did he show any anxiety or fear that the bus might move. May be he is used to this bus,  but still, he is visually challenged and people who are one hundred percent fine in their health get scared. He stopped singing only after completing the last row of the bus and then got down when the bus almost left. He had no one with him. It dint seem like he is begging, he sang and he is enjoying his song. Also a few people including me did enjoy that song. I was blown away with the way he was earning his bread and butter; he was no less than any musician or an artist. That was a live show and you pay only if you feel like paying, his hands just passed over the seats and did not demand anything. Live music at your ears and you pay only if you feel like paying.

I saw people cribbing and also a few people paying him. People who crib had a lot of problems with him. They felt that he is very used to this, he knows the driver and conductor very well and they too get a share. They also feel that he should probably do some job rather than begging and also they doubted that he might not be blind. The way I look at it, he is an entrepreneur; he is earning his bread on his own. He is not demanding money, he has trained himself very well to handle his music and his movement in bus to be perfect and independent.  One hand is busy with the musical instrument, the other one is busy collecting money. He knows the architecture of the bus so well that he is not even missing a step and he cannot see. Wow, how well we know our working locations!

Well, I felt very embarrassed on how should I react. Should I feel pity or should I feel proud of him. He has an open challenge from god of not able to visualize the real world in his eyes and he has accepted it and moving forward. There are a lot of people who collect money in the name of god and misuse it, people pay them. This person is performing despite of his visual imparity to get his money without giving any false hopes. Why not encourage him and treat him normally?  Do not look at him as a beggar, no he is not. He is doing a lot of work to ask money, a normal man cannot balance himself and sing in a bus with an instrument and also sing so loud which will be audible to all, it is our responsibility to acknowledge that before we pay him or decide not convincing ourselves that we do not have change.



8 thoughts on “Adapting to Adversity-1

  1. karthic says:

    Good One Pramod. very thaughtful and nice to see a different perception being presented. I have not thaught about it this way, nice to get a different perception. keep writing!!!

  2. Dempsy says:

    I had the same situation in a bus near hassan once… Was very moved by his voice n enthusiasm… This guy was blind too n was using an unique instrument which he had made it at home himself… What perfection he had on voice n d music can’t be found in Normal people too

  3. Nice post!… i dont know why people are so miserly to part with few bucks. Ur a right…he is singing and earning his income…he isn’t demanding any money…It is just like any other profession.

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