A Blind Man’s Vision-Part 2

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As I was looking around while Mr.Lokesh went in to get a chair I found a old PC which reminded me of my high school computer lab. Mr.Lokesh got a plastic chair.  My chair was facing towards the door and his chair was facing the computer, I thought Mr.Lokesh was confused. However, I realised that I was confused when he opened the cupboard of his computer table and took out an album. This album had photographs of the inauguration of his organization. I could see the pride on his face while he was showing me those pictures. I had a look at all the pictures and Mr.Lokesh waited for me to complete patiently. This moment of my life where I was shown pictures by a person who cannot see was flabbergast.

Our discussion continued, I asked him a few more questions to know more on how does he work and maintain his organization. Mr.Lokesh visits other organizations and distributes pamphlets of his organization and tries raising funds. He told me that a few corporate employees will be very generous that they help him with good amount of money, a few ask for a receipt and a few do not bother. Mr.Lokesh seemed to be okay with all kinds of people. While discussing with me Mr.Lokesh used a couple of English sentences. I was curious to know how he would speak English, I started conversing in English and his English was better than any other BA graduate in our state I have ever seen. He can speak and understand Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Hindi and English, he can read and write in Kannada and English.

And yeah, I also took his photograph before climbing the stairs of his house.

Mr.Lokesh's Photograph


Mr.Lokesh knows about all the opportunities that a visually challenged person can have in our country and he is helping many of them find their paths in life. In the same way the people in his hostel are finding their paths with his help. It was around 6’o clock in the evening and all the visually challenged folks in the hostel were still at work and none hadn’t returned as yet. I wanted to know if Mr.Lokesh worked somewhere before, it was interesting to know that he was working at a garments factory before on someone’s recommendation. His job was to count the buttons of shirts and trousers. He was happy doing it, however once he got to know that his job was of no good for the company and he was given the broken buttons to count. He was depressed that he was just given a job just for the sake and his job was of no importance to the company. Mr.Lokesh wanted to do something which will be helpful and important for his company; he said he always wanted to do justice for the money he takes. He also indirectly got to know that he wouldn’t have any better opportunity at the garments factory and they might just continue to have him as an employee just for the sake. Hence he decided to quit that job and started his own organization to help visually challenged people in getting the skills to be employed. Mr.Lokesh was also clear in his goals, he mentioned his goal is to construct a building for the hostel and have good amount of monthly income to run his hostel with more people and facilities.

I understood that Mr.Lokesh is getting help and also he needs a lot more help. Pointing at the old computer he had at his home Mr.Lokesh said it was donated by someone and that PC do not have audio drivers to install the software which reads the text on screen. He requested me to ask my friends if anyone has old unused PC’s and if so, donate it to his firm to arrange for computer classes for his hostel folks. He said there are many people ready to teach but there are no computers. Mr. Lokesh said he has to arrange for around 15 to 20 Kg’s of rice every month. Also, he has to bear the costs of vegetables and the salary for the cook. It was difficult for me to imagine how could he maintain all these with just raising funds. I asked him to plan some strategy to generate more income, he rather told me to give a working idea so that he shall surely implement it. I told him I will get back if I get an idea as its very easy to advice and he was very practical person.

I had nothing else to speak, I decided to get back home and said thank you for his time. He said he is very happy that I went till his hostel and was interested to know about him. I informed him that I would write an article for my blog about him and he was happy about that. While I was about to leave he reminded me again to ask my friends if they have old unused PC’s to donate, I said I will surely try. Mr.Lokesh finally said, he requires more of moral support than financial support. This last sentence said by Mr.Lokesh was buzzing around my mind for a long time. I walked back to the bus stop alone while it was still drizzling and reached home.

And yeah, his firm has a website. If you are interested to know more and interact, here is the link www.darideepa.wordpress.com

A special thanks to Mr.Lokesh for being my inspiration, I am sure he has inspired all the readers of this article as well.


-Pram’s Kite


12 thoughts on “A Blind Man’s Vision-Part 2

  1. People like Mr. Lokesh make the rest of us seem so trite and self-centered. Imagine a man with no sight setting up a facility for others with no sight. How many would bypass him? Not you! Many blessings on both of you and I hope he finds himself with many computers.

  2. Prithvi K M says:

    I think there is lot to learn from people like Mr.Lokesh. May be he’s not the one who is handicapped but the rest of us are. We are mean, selfish and self centered. This article surely made me realize a lot of things i should have a long ago. Thank you pramodh for the heart touching message.

  3. sethu raman says:

    bro i hope u come up with more of these kinda article in coming days…n yea ur way of narration is really amazing,very inspiring article i must say…:)

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